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Events 2016

02.01.16La Vue des Alpes (NE)Cross-Country-Skiing
03.01.16La Vue des Alpes (NE)Cross-Country-Skiing
09.01.16Morgins (VS)Ski Mountaineering
10.01.16Les Mosses (VD)Cross-Country-Skiing
10.01.16Davos Platz (GR)Ski Mountaineering
10.01.16Davos Platz (GR)Ski Mountaineering
10.01.16Davos Platz (GR)Ski Mountaineering
16.01.16Andorra (AND)Ski Mountaineering
16.01.16Trient (VS)Ski Mountaineering
17.01.16Andorra (AND)Ski Mountaineering
23.01.16Massongex (VS)Ski Mountaineering
30.01.16La Tzoumaz (VS)
30.01.16Onex (GE)Running (cross)
30.01.16Albosaggia (ITA)Ski Mountaineering
31.01.16Albosaggia (ITA)Ski Mountaineering
31.01.16Les Paccots (FR)Ski Mountaineering
05.02.16Les Diablerets (VD)Racing sled dogs
05.02.16Les Marécottes/La Creusaz (VS)Ski Mountaineering
06.02.16Les Marécottes/La Creusaz (VS)Ski Mountaineering
06.02.16Les Marécottes/La Creusaz (VS)Ski Mountaineering
07.02.16Les Marécottes/La Creusaz (VS)Ski Mountaineering
07.02.16La Sagne (NE)Cross-Country-Skiing
14.02.16Jaun (FR)Ski Mountaineering
19.02.16Belluno (ITA)Ski Mountaineering
20.02.16Belluno (ITA)Ski Mountaineering
27.02.16La Brévine (NE)Cross-Country-Skiing
28.02.16Les Mosses (VD)Cross-Country-Skiing
04.03.16Les Diablerets (VD)Ski Mountaineering
05.03.16Les Diablerets (VD)Ski Mountaineering
06.03.16Les Diablerets (VD)Ski Mountaineering
06.03.16Les Rasses / Ste.-Croix (VD)Cross-Country-Skiing
12.03.16Villars (VD)Ski Mountaineering
18.03.16Prato Nevoso (ITA)Ski Mountaineering
19.03.16St-Aubin (NE)
19.03.16Belprahon (BE/JB)Running (cross)
19.03.16Prato Nevoso (ITA)Ski Mountaineering
20.03.16Trélex (VD)Triathlon
20.03.16Prato Nevoso (ITA)Ski Mountaineering
27.03.16Les Mosses (VD)Cross-Country-Skiing
02.04.16Belmont-sur-Yverdon (VD)
02.04.16Zermatt (VS)Ski Mountaineering
03.04.16Les Plans sur Bex (VD)Ski Mountaineering
03.04.16Saint-Maurice (VS)Running
09.04.16Combremont-le-Petit (VD)
17.04.16Colombier (NE)MTB XC (cross country)
21.04.16Verbier (VS)Ski Mountaineering
24.04.16Dardagny (GE)Cycling
24.04.16Fontenais (JU)Running
24.04.16Delémont (JU)MTB XC (cross country)
30.04.16Nidau (BE)Running
30.04.16Molondin (VD)
30.04.16Sichuan (China)Trail
01.05.16Hauterive (NE)MTB XC (cross country)
01.05.16Monthey (VS)Running
05.05.16La Palma (Spain)
05.05.16Lucens (VD)Running
07.05.16Grimisuat (VS)MTB XC (cross country)
07.05.16La Palma (Spain)Trail
07.05.16Anzère (VS)Running with obstacles
07.05.16Le Châble (VS)Endurance motocross 3 and 6H
14.05.16Ursy (FR)MTB XC (cross country)
20.05.16Susten (VS)MTB XC (cross country)
20.05.16Susten (VS)Running
21.05.16Epautheyres (VD)
22.05.16Zegama (Spain)Trail
22.05.16Saint-Légier-La-Chiésaz (VD)Triathlon
27.05.16La Chaux-de-Fonds (NE)Cycling hill climb
04.06.16Madeira (Portugal)Trail
04.06.16Lausanne (VD)Running
05.06.16Neuchâtel (NE)Cycling Cyclo
05.06.16Les Paccots (FR)Trail
05.06.16Le Châble (VS)Running
10.06.16Tramelan (BE)Triathlon
11.06.16Saxon (VS)Trail
11.06.16La Chaux-de-Fonds (NE)
11.06.16Tramelan (BE)Triathlon
18.06.16Aigle (VD)
18.06.16Crans-Montana (VS)Cycling Cyclo
18.06.16Les Rasses (VD)MTB XC (cross country)
18.06.16Couvet (NE)Trail
19.06.16Satigny (GE)Cycling
19.06.16Les Haudères (VS)MTB XCM (Marathon)
24.06.16Sondrio (Italy)
25.06.16Orbe (VD)Cycling Cyclo
25.06.16Les Charbonnières (VD)Triathlon
26.06.16Bôle (NE)Running
26.06.16Les Charbonnières (VD)Triathlon
26.06.16Livigno (Italy)Trail
26.06.16Fribourg-Bulle (FR)MTB XCM (Marathon)
01.07.16Montsevelier (JU)Running
02.07.16Engollon (NE)Triathlon
02.07.16Payerne (VD)
02.07.16Pontresina (GR)Trail
03.07.16Yverdon-les-Bains (VD)Cycling Cyclo
08.07.16Val d'Isère (France)
09.07.16Estavayer/Gibloux (FR)MTB XC (cross country)
09.07.16Les Verrières (NE)
10.07.16Val d'Isère (France)Trail
15.07.16Canazei (Italy)
17.07.16Canazei (Italy)Trail
23.07.16Yverdon (VD)
24.07.16Martigny (VS)Cycling hill climb
30.07.16La Béroche (NE)
01.08.16Sion (VS)Cycling Cyclo
01.08.16Schwarzsee (FR)mountain running
05.08.16Tromsø (Norway)
06.08.16Torgon (VS)MTB XC (cross country)
07.08.16Tromsø (Norway)Trail
13.08.16Saint-Imier (BE/JB)Triathlon
13.08.16Les Cernets-Verrières (NE)Running
13.08.16Cuarny (VD)
14.08.16Alterswil (FR)MTB XC (cross country)
20.08.16L'Etivaz (VD)Trail
20.08.16Saignelégier (JU)
20.08.16Zermatt (VS)Trail
20.08.16Suchy (VD)
26.08.16Scuol (GR)MTB XCM (Marathon)
27.08.16Haute-Nendaz (VS)Trail
27.08.16Moutier (JB)Trail
27.08.16Zollikon (ZH)swimming
27.08.16Sergey (VD)
27.08.16Fully (VS)Triathlon
28.08.16Verbier (VS)mountain running
28.08.16La Chaux-de-Fonds (NE)Triathlon
28.08.16Chéserex (VD)MTB XC (cross country)
28.08.16Valmasino - ItalyTrail
02.09.16Montana (USA)
03.09.16Morgins (VS)MTB XC (cross country)
03.09.16Montana (USA)Trail
03.09.16Collombey-Troistorrents (VS)Trail
03.09.16Villars-le-Comte (VD)
04.09.16Montana - USATrail
10.09.16Rances (VD)
10.09.16Bourscheid (LUX)
10.09.16Alpnach (OW)MTB XCM (Marathon)
11.09.16Tramelan (BE/JB)MTB XC (cross country)
15.09.16Grindelwald (BE)MTB XCM (Marathon)
17.09.16La Chaux (VD)
17.09.16Grandvillard (FR)MTB XC (cross country)
18.09.16Glen Coe - ScotlandTrail
20.09.16Einsiedeln (SZ)MTB XCM (Marathon)
24.09.16Bagà (Spain)Trail
24.09.16Mervelier (JU)MTB Enduro
25.09.16Marchissy (VD)Running
25.09.16Veyrier (GE)MTB Relay
25.09.16Baulmes (VD)
25.09.16Malleray (BE)Running
01.10.16Donneloye (VD)
01.10.16Crans-Montana (VS)Trail
02.10.16Le Noirmont (JU)MTB XC (cross country)
08.10.16Saint-Maurice (VS)Trail
09.10.16Le Sentier (VD)Trail
14.10.16Limone sul Garda (Italy)
15.10.16Ménières (FR)Cyclo-Cross
15.10.16Limone sul Garda (Italy)Trail
22.10.16Fully (VS)
22.10.16Corbières (FR)Cyclo-Cross
29.10.16Vuadens (FR)Cyclo-Cross
06.11.16Hauterive (NE)Running
12.11.16Chalet-à-Gobet (VD)Running
12.11.16Le Grand-Saconnex (GE)Running (relay)
19.11.16Saillon (VS)Running
19.11.16Colombier (NE)Cyclo-Cross
26.11.16Cossonay (VD)Cyclo-Cross
04.12.16Sion (VS)Cyclo-Cross
10.12.16Chavannes/Moudon (VD)Cyclo-Cross
10.12.16Verbier (VS)Ski Mountaineering
17.12.16Bex (VD)Cyclo-Cross
18.12.16Neuchâtel (NE)Running



2020, looks like an exceptional sight !
During the 12 months that passed, we lived together your challenges. You have given us the desire to exceed, to surpass, and you will vibrate even more during the year that arrives.
It is with this wish that the MSO team has set up, in this end of the season, the MSO4YOU.CH platform. 
With it, the organizers of the races will have a place where the informations they need to make your experience and their reach them new mountains peaks.
Let's jubilate! 2020 will be ascensional!
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