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« La Mara (2.+3. mars) - 2019

Date (vcal): 03.03.19  
Place: Les Rasses / Ste-Croix (VD)
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Type: Cross-Country-Skiing  
Registration: closed
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Registrations are closed


La 50ème Mara is canceled !

Registration on « Maxi-Mara » (discount) = Pack

Due to the Swiss Franc currency, the foreign athletes get a reduction of 15% using the code : IRESFF (for Pack WSUKM8) (attention, identity verification will be systematically made).

MARA race (= MArathon des RAsses) is one of the most popular races in the French part of Switzerland. Every year, on the first weekend of March, hundreds of skiers are coming from Switzerland and Europe, taking part on a beautiful course (14 different nationalities present in 2019).
For the 50th edition, MARA organises competitions on Saturday over 12; 22 and 42 km free technic FT, and on Sunday the traditional 12; 22 and 42 km classic technic CT, also to mention on Saturday afternoon the final of « Kids Nordic Tour » CT.
To notice a special registration prize for Families over 12 km FT and CT, a Company ranking (= sum of the km made) and, of course, the « Maxi-Mara » (ranking on 42 km FT + 42 km CT).

 Media: Image_courses/2019/Mara-photo.jpeg  Media: Image_courses/2019/Mara-Logo.jpg


Dear organizers

Do you know how your athletes feel before, during and after their race?
Have you ever supported your partner, your children or your friends in preparing for a competition?
Have you been there during training, registered the athlete yourself, accompanied him/her from the camper to the start, supported him/her on the course and celebrated together at the finish line?

Are you looking for a company that has sport in its DNA? That knows what it means to organize a running event, a MTB competition or a ski race in high alpine terrain? That lives and passes on the excitement, sensations, and emotions?

We’ve got your back !

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