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Text messages Service (free)

For some events, MSO transmits you logistic and technical informations, your times of passage and your results by text message. To receive text message in relation to this race, you have to save beforehand the phone number(s) which will receive the text message.

This process takes place in two stages. First, you have to save and confirm your phone number(s). Secondly, choose which number(s) will receive these informations.  

This process takes place in two stages :

1. Save and confirm your phone number(s) :

The registration of your phone number(s) is obligatory (to answer federal Law on the data protection (Loi sur la Protection des Données) [LPD 235.1]).

Log to your account by means of your pseudo and password. In the menu "MY PROFILE" above on the right, click on "My mobile phone numbers". Once in this module, click on "add a number". Then type on the first field the number you want to confirm (international format, without sign "plus" and without space : 41791234567), and in the second field type the number's description (Jean-Yves or my sister,...). Then click on "add this number". If it works, the number displays in the list below. 

Media: divers/ajouter_numero.jpg

Once this stage ended, you have to confirm the number. In the list "mobile phone numbers registrated" (just below), choose the number you want to add and click on "confirm now". 

Media: divers/valider_maintenant.jpg

A new window opens. To receive the confirmation text message, click on "code request". It is the owner of the number you tipped who receive the confirmation text message. If the person isn't next to you, it isn't a problem, he can give you the code later and you will make the confirmation at this moment. 

Media: divers/demander_un_code.jpg

Once you receive the code, type it and click on "confirm". If everything works, you should see the acronym V in the column "confirmed?" in the list of "phone mobile numbers registrated". 

Media: divers/saisir_le_code.jpg

Media: divers/validation.jpg


2. Choose the number(s) of destination :

Once you made the registration of all your numbers, you can choose which will receive the text message for a race. 

In the menu "MY PROFIL", click on "registration to the races". Then in your registrations' list, click on the small pictogram "phone" of the race which interests you. 

Media: divers/mes_inscriptions.jpg

Once in the menu, select the number(s) which will receive the informations by text message. The registration is automatic. 

Media: divers/reception_sms.jpg

The hotline remains at your disposal in case of question. This service (results by text mesage) is totally free for the athlete. (validation include)




Dear organizers

Do you know how your athletes feel before, during and after their race?
Have you ever supported your partner, your children or your friends in preparing for a competition?
Have you been there during training, registered the athlete yourself, accompanied him/her from the camper to the start, supported him/her on the course and celebrated together at the finish line?

Are you looking for a company that has sport in its DNA? That knows what it means to organize a running event, a MTB competition or a ski race in high alpine terrain? That lives and passes on the excitement, sensations, and emotions?

We’ve got your back !

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