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 Friends and authorisations

MSO sets up an ingenious system allowing to attach accounts togother to simplify the regestration's process. This system depends on a basic rule not to be neglected. Each competitor has to create previously an account before being able to lie it with a friend. If you have an account but you can't remember your access codes, do not hesitate to contact the hotline, we are please to give them to you.

The process takes place in 3 steps :

1. Get his private key

The key is situated on your athlete's profile. 

To get it, log yourself on your account, then in the tab "MY PROFILE" (above on the right) click on "change my profile". The private key is here, in the spae "further informations".

Media: divers/cle-privee.jpgKeep it in memory and send it to the friend who want to give you the access to his account.


 2. Ask the liaison 

Keep in mind that it is the person of whom you wish to take up the account which has to make the friend's request.

Once you gave him your key, your friend "add a friend" by logging to his account. Then in the tab "MY PROFILE" (above on the right) he clicks on "Friends and authorisations". Once in this module, he types your private key on the field "Private key of your friend".

Media: divers/ajouter_un_ami_600.jpg

From now, your friend give you the access to his account. 


3. Register your friends

Once this progression made, you can now, in all simplicity, register your friends to the races organized by MSO-Chrono.

In this way, when you want to type a registration, the system allows you to choose the athlete (friend) you want to register to (by default yourself). 

Media: divers/Saisir_une_inscription_600.jpg

You can type registrations for many of your friends and to put them in the cart. Then you can pay the invoice in one step.  

The hotline remains at your disposal in you have any questions.



MSO improves his registration's module "Team". If you register a team for a triathlon, a duathlon, a team-relay or else, the registration's process has changed a little bit to simplify you the life. This new system has been set up to allow you to change the composition of your team until 3 days before the race or to register a team without having his team-mates then adding them afterward. This news module also allows you to change the name of your team only for this race. So, if all the year you are member of a team or an official club and you participate to a race with friends, let's called it "folkloric". For this "folkloric" race, you can choose an another team's name without that this race distorts in your previous results. If you don't understand this processus, you can call the hotline. 


The process takes place in 2 steps :

1. Register your team

First of all, the process takes place as for a normal registration. Log to your account or create a new one. Then choose the race and the category which interest you. Media: divers/inscription_equipe_600.jpg

Once the chosen category, click on "add to cart". Then go to the cart and follow the purchase's process until the payment's confirmation. 

By making this operation, you become automatically the person in charge of the team. You are the only person, by means of your account, who can modify the names of your team-mates. 


 2. Type your team-mates 

Once your tram registrated, in the tab "MY PROFILE" (above on the right), click on "registration to races". You will see the summary of your registrations. 

Media: divers/Gestion_des_equipiers_600.jpg

By clicking on the pictogram "team-mates" you will have the possibility to fill in your team-mates and the name of your team for this race. 

Media: divers/saisie_d'un_cohequipier_600.jpg

You can repeat this operation as often as you will always wish by the same way and this until 3 days before the beginning of the race.


 Text messages Service (free)

For some events, MSO transmits you logistic and technical informations, your times of passage and your results by text message. To receive text message in relation to this race, you have to save beforehand the phone number(s) which will receive the text message.

This process takes place in two stages. First, you have to save and confirm your phone number(s). Secondly, choose which number(s) will receive these informations.  

This process takes place in 2 steps :

1. Save and confirm your phone number(s) :

The registration of your phone number(s) is obligatory (to answer federal Law on the data protection (Loi sur la Protection des Données) [LPD 235.1]).

Log to your account by means of your pseudo and password. In the menu "MY PROFILE" above on the right, click on "My mobile phone numbers". Once in this module, click on "add a number". Then type on the first field the number you want to confirm (international format, without sign "plus" and without space : 41791234567), and in the second field type the number's description (Jean-Yves or my sister,...). Then click on "add this number". If it works, the number displays in the list below. 

Media: divers/ajouter_numero.jpg

Once this stage ended, you have to confirm the number. In the list "mobile phone numbers registrated" (just below), choose the number you want to add and click on "confirm now". 

Media: divers/valider_maintenant.jpg

A new window opens. To receive the confirmation text message, click on "code request". It is the owner of the number you tipped who receive the confirmation text message. If the person isn't next to you, it isn't a problem, he can give you the code later and you will make the confirmation at this moment. 

Media: divers/demander_un_code.jpg

Once you receive the code, type it and click on "confirm". If everything works, you should see the acronym V in the column "confirmed?" in the list of "phone mobile numbers registrated". 

Media: divers/saisir_le_code.jpg

Media: divers/validation.jpg


2. Choose the number(s) of destination :

Once you made the registration of all your numbers, you can choose which will receive the text message for a race. 

In the menu "MY PROFIL", click on "registration to the races". Then in your registrations' list, click on the small pictogram "phone" of the race which interests you. 

Media: divers/mes_inscriptions.jpg

Once in the menu, select the number(s) which will receive the informations by text message. The registration is automatic. 

Media: divers/reception_sms.jpg

The hotline remains at your disposal in case of question. This service (results by text mesage) is totally free for the athlete. (validation include)



 Subscribe to newsletter

In collaboration with event’s organizers, MSO proposes a newsletter. This newsletter, published once a week, informs you about the various races and events to come. The registration to this newsletter is very simple, follow the processus explained just below. Of course, you can unsubscribe when you want…


1. Subscribe to newsletter

Log on on your profile MSO (above on the right). Go to the menu « MY PROFILE » and then click on « My newsletters ». 

Media: Contenue/Assistance_Newsletter_1.png


You can choose for wich race(s) you want to receive the newsletter by ticking the little icon. (Running/walking, skiing/winter sports, motorsports, triathlon, cycling/mountain bike). To confirm your subscription(s) click on « Save ».  Once the registration confirmed, a little green « check » appears. You can at any time modify your subscriptions by making the same process as explained. You receive the newsletter in your E-mail box. 

 Media: Contenue/Assistance_Newsletter_3_1.png 




2. Unsubscribe to the newsletter

To unsubscribe you to the newsletter, you have to go to the bottom of the newsletter. Next to the MSO signature, is a link « Unsubscribe », this link send back to the various thread of current events you chose during the first step. 

Media: Contenue/Assistance_Newsletter_2_1.png

To unsubscribe, you have to untick the subjects you don’t want to receive the newsletter. Of course, if you want to subscribe to again, you just have to follow the step n°1, explained hereabove.  


Creation of athletes

You are trainer, parent or else? Create athletes by filling in a form. Once this form created, the password of the new athlete is sent by email. Athletes are immediately your friends. You can register on their behalf. 

1. Create athletes

Log yourself to your account (above on the right). Once logged, in the tab "MY PROFILE", click on "Create athletes". Then, create the profile and save it. 


Media: Contenue/Assistance_Creer_athletes.png

Be careful : In the field "pseudonym" and "e-mail address" you have to insert the friends' e-mail. So your friend who will receive the mail of confirmation (pseudonym and password), will have to confirm his profile. 

By clicking on "Friends and authorisations", you will see that this new athlete is now your friend. You can register him to the race, check next step. 


2. Register my friends

Once this progression made, you can now, in all simplicity, register your friends to the races organized by MSO-Chrono.

In this way, when you want to type a registration, the system allows you to choose the athlete (friend) you want to register to (by default yourself).

Media: divers/Saisir_une_inscription_600.jpg


You can type registrations for many of your friends and to put them in the cart. Then you can pay the invoice in one step.  

The hotline remains at your disposal in you have any questions.



2018 is coming to an end soon! The entire MSO team takes this opportunity to wish you all a sweet and sparkling holiday season. As usual, in 2018, our company wanted to pamper athletes and organizers through new services. This is how our passive timekeeping system, composed of RFID "Joey" and "Mano" antennas, was born. Released straight from the imagination of our engineers and specialists, it was designed entirely in our company. Thanks to this innovation, there is no need for chrono specialists; the volunteers can manage themselves the stream of runners at intermediate points. Another innovation of 2018: we are equipped with a media and communication service, in order to give more visibility to the events of which we are partners.

In the coming year, you are promised to give everything. Our showcase website, mso4you, will be released, just like our new platform, which will undoubtedly make you happy. Until then, we wish you a year rich in strength, courage and sharing, but still punctuated by a few drops of sweat. We also send you a storm of thanks for the trust given in 2018 and we look forward to seeing you in 2019, in the same state of mind!


Timmy ? What is that ? Timmy is the new timing application for smartphone developed by MSO-Chrono.

You want to compare your Sunday training with your friends, but also with the best runner of your region? You want to show people the new record you broke on your smartwatch ? Races full of people aren’t your cup of tea ? We have the solution: Timmy. The application has been launched on the 10th June 2017 for the « Kilomètre vertical de Fully ». From now on, you can use it each time you do the crazy climb. Once set off, the system will save your timing and you can choose to publish the result or not in the rankings. At every attempts, only your best performance will be recorded, there are even great prizes to be win for the faster ones !

So, captivated ? Do not hesitate to start the adventure at Fully. Starting August, you will be able to save your records for another races. Maybe your favorite race… Who know ?

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