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Eventos 2013

12.01.13Morgins (VS)
27.01.13Les Mosses (VD)Cross-Country-Skiing
02.02.13Torgon (VS)
17.02.13Jaun (FR)
23.02.13Les Fourgs (France)Racing sled dogs
23.03.13Belprahon (BE/JB)Running (cross)
06.04.13Belmont-sur-Yverdon (VD)
07.04.13Fully (VS)Cycling
21.04.13Colombier (NE)MTB XC (cross country)
27.04.13Gorgier (NE)
04.05.13Le Châble (VS)Endurance motocross 3 and 6H
12.05.13Hauterive (NE)MTB XC (cross country)
20.05.13La Vue-des-Alpes (NE)Cycling Cyclo
23.05.13Dorigny (VD)Running
24.05.13Susten (VS)MTB XC (cross country)
24.05.13Susten (VS)Running
25.05.13Epautheyres (VD)
25.05.13Ursy (FR)MTB XC (cross country)
30.05.13St-Bartélemy (VD)Running
31.05.13St-Bartélemy (VD)MTB XC (cross country)
02.06.13Meyrin (GE)/Prévessin(FRA)MTB XC (cross country)
02.06.13Tramelan (BE/JB)Triathlon
02.06.13Romont (FR)MTB XC (cross country)
08.06.13La Chaux-de-Fonds (NE)
14.06.13Alschwil (BL)Running (relay)
15.06.13Les Verrières (NE)
16.06.13Mendrisio (TI)Cycling hill climb
16.06.13Les Haudères (VS)MTB XCM (Marathon)
19.06.13Satigny (GE)
22.06.13Satigny (GE)Cycling
23.06.13Satigny (GE)Cycling
25.06.13Fribourg-Bulle (FR)MTB XCM (Marathon)
29.06.13Boncourt (JU)Triathlon
29.06.13Les Charbonnières (VD)Triathlon
30.06.13Reconvilier (BE/JB)MTB XC Endurance 24h
30.06.13Les Charbonnières (VD)Triathlon
30.06.13Les Rasses (VD)MTB XC (cross country)
06.07.13Estavayer/Gibloux (FR)MTB XC (cross country)
21.07.13Martigny (VS)Cycling hill climb
27.07.13Montagny-près-Yverdon (VD)
27.07.13St-Sulpice (VD)Running
28.07.13Montagny-près-Yverdon (VD)
01.08.13Sion (VS)Cycling Cyclo
03.08.13Cuarny (VD)
03.08.13Torgon (VS)MTB XCM (Marathon)
10.08.13Romanel-sur-Morges (VD)
11.08.13Alterswil (FR)MTB XC (cross country)
17.08.13Les Cernets-Verrières (NE)Running
17.08.13L'Etivaz (VD)Trail
18.08.13Chéserex (VD)MTB XC (cross country)
24.08.13Le Villaret
26.08.13Scuol (GR)MTB XCM (Marathon)
31.08.13Sergey (VD)
01.09.13Moutier (BE/JB)MTB XCM (Marathon)
01.09.13Lausanne (VD)Downhill Street
06.09.13La Chaux-de-Fonds (NE)Cycling hill climb
07.09.13Sergey (VD)
07.09.13GenèveMTB Street
08.09.13Tramelan (BE/JB)MTB XC (cross country)
08.09.13La Chaux-de-Fonds (NE)Triathlon
10.09.13Alpnach (OW)MTB XCM (Marathon)
14.09.13Delémont (JU)MTB Enduro
14.09.13Grandvillard (FR)MTB XC (cross country)
15.09.13Grindelwald (BE)MTB XCM (Marathon)
20.09.13Einsiedeln (SZ)MTB XCM (Marathon)
21.09.13Villars-le-Comte (VD)
22.09.13Veyrier (GE)MTB Relay
28.09.13Donneloye (VD)
28.09.13Avusy (GE)
29.09.13Malleray (BE/JB)Running
29.09.13Le Noirmont (JU)MTB XC (cross country)
05.10.13Neuchâtel (NE)MTB Enduro
06.10.13Cartigny (GE)MTB XC (cross country)
12.10.13La Brévine (NE)
13.10.13Mont de Coeuve (JU)
19.10.13Fully (VS)Running
19.10.13Corbières (FR)Cyclo-Cross
19.10.13Combremont-le-Petit (VD)
26.10.13Planfayon (FR)Cyclo-Cross
03.11.13Granges (SO)24H World Record
09.11.13Chalet-à-Gobet (VD)Running
10.11.13Rennaz (VD)Cyclo-Cross
16.11.13Payerne (VD)Cyclo-Cross
23.11.13Colombier (NE)Cyclo-Cross
01.12.13Sion (VS)Cyclo-Cross
07.12.13Chavannes/Moudon (VD)Cyclo-Cross
14.12.13Moutier (BE/JB)Cyclo-Cross
29.12.13Nuvilly (FR)Cyclo-Cross



Dear organizers

Do you know how your athletes feel before, during and after their race?
Have you ever supported your partner, your children or your friends in preparing for a competition?
Have you been there during training, registered the athlete yourself, accompanied him/her from the camper to the start, supported him/her on the course and celebrated together at the finish line?

Are you looking for a company that has sport in its DNA? That knows what it means to organize a running event, a MTB competition or a ski race in high alpine terrain? That lives and passes on the excitement, sensations, and emotions?

We’ve got your back !

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