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10.12.16Chavannes/Moudon (VD)Cyclo-Cross
10.12.16Verbier (VS)Ski Mountaineering
17.12.16Bex (VD)Cyclo-Cross
18.12.16Neuchâtel (NE)Running
06.01.17Villars (VD)Ski Mountaineering
07.01.17Villars (VD)Ski Mountaineering
08.01.17Les Mosses (VD)Cross-Country-Skiing
14.01.17Onex (GE)Running (cross)
14.01.17Morgins (VS)Ski Mountaineering
21.01.17Champex-Lac (VS)Ski Mountaineering
28.01.17Les Marécottes/La Creusaz (VS)Ski Mountaineering
04.02.17La Tzoumaz (VS)Ski Mountaineering
05.02.17La Sagne (NE)Cross-Country-Skiing
05.02.17Jaun (FR)Ski Mountaineering
11.02.17La Vue des Alpes (NE)Cross-Country-Skiing
11.02.17Torgon (VS)Ski Mountaineering
12.02.17La Vue des Alpes (NE)Cross-Country-Skiing
12.02.17Ravoire (VS)Ski Mountaineering
17.02.17Les Paccots (FR)Ski Mountaineering
18.02.17Lourtier (VS)Ski Mountaineering
24.02.17Torgon (VS)Ski Mountaineering
25.02.17Les Mosses (VD)Cross-Country-Skiing
25.02.17La Brévine (NE)Cross-Country-Skiing
26.02.17Les Mosses (VD)Cross-Country-Skiing
03.03.17Les Diablerets (VD)Ski Mountaineering
04.03.17Les Rasses / St.-Croix (VD)Cross-Country-Skiing
11.03.17Villars (VD)Ski Mountaineering
19.03.17Ovronnaz (VS)Ski Mountaineering
19.03.17Trélex (VD)Triathlon
26.03.17Evolène (VS)Ski Mountaineering
01.04.17Les Mosses (VD)Cross-Country-Skiing
08.04.17Fully (VS)Duathlon
09.04.17Les Plans sur Bex (VD)Ski Mountaineering
22.04.17Saillon (VS)Running
23.04.17Fontenais (JU)Running
23.04.17Colombier (NE)MTB XC (cross country)
29.04.17Nidau (BE)Running
30.04.17Grandsivaz (FR)
30.04.17Develier (JU)MTB XC (cross country)
06.05.17Le Châble (VS)
07.05.17Monthey (VS)mountain running
07.05.17Hauterive (NE)MTB XC (cross country)
13.05.17Ursy (FR)MTB XC (cross country)
27.05.17Torgon (VS)Trail
04.06.17Les Paccots (FR)Trail
09.06.17Couvet (NE)Trail
10.06.17Reconvilier (BE)MTB XC Endurance 24h
10.06.17Saxon (VS)Trail
18.06.17Les Haudères (VS)MTB XC (cross country)
24.06.17Orbe (VD)Cycling Cyclo
24.06.17Les Charbonnières (VD)Triathlon
25.06.17Bôle (NE)Running (cross)
25.06.17Fribourg-Bulle (FR)MTB XCM (Marathon)
25.06.17Les Charbonnières (VD)Triathlon
01.07.17Pontresina (GR)Trail
08.07.17Estavayer/Gibloux (FR)MTB XC (cross country)
15.07.17Montsevelier (JU)MTB XC (cross country)
16.07.17Montsevelier (JU)MTB XC (cross country)
22.07.17Charmey (FR)Trail
01.08.17Schwarzsee (FR)Running
05.08.17Morgins (VS)
13.08.17Grindelwald (BE)MTB XCM (Marathon)
13.08.17Alterswil (FR)MTB XC (cross country)
18.08.17L'Etivaz (VD)Trail
26.08.17Zermatt (VS)Trail
26.08.17Scuol (GR)MTB XCM (Marathon)
26.08.17Haute-Nendaz (VS)Trail
27.08.17Chéserex (VD)MTB XC (cross country)
02.09.17Collombey-Troistorrents (VS)Trail
03.09.17Les Rasses (VD)MTB XC (cross country)
08.09.17Le Bouveret (VS)Trail
09.09.17Arnex-sur-Orbe (VD)Running
10.09.17Tramelan (BE)MTB XC (cross country)
10.09.17Alpnach Dorf (OW)MTB XCM (Marathon)
23.09.17Château-d’Oex (VD)MTB XC Endurance 24h
24.09.17Einsiedeln (SZ)MTB XCM (Marathon)



Between passion, emotion, drops of sweat, year 2016 has been exceptional and this, thanks to you: loyal athletes, runners, organizers, clients and partners! For Christmas festivities, we want to give you an infinite thank you. This year, you put under the Christmas tree pleasant figures, whose an increase of 20% of our mandates. 2016 has been also marked by new partnerships, including LiveTrail and DotVision. They will increase our security skills. We are also excited for the year to come and to share it with you. A 2017 year full of challenges with the Transjurassienne, the french trial cross-country skiing, as well as the bike races Bike Marathon Classics. A collaboration with International Ski Federation and the Skyrunner World Series will be also scheduled. From our heart, we wish you all the best for 2017! 


Winter portentous, first snowflakes made us happy! The MSO-team looks forward to join you on happy events during the coldest season of the year. This season, still, challenges won’t be missing, as the International Ski Federation trusts again MSO for the race. World Cup and World Championship will take place on 23rd February to 2nd Mars in Piancavallo (ITA). We are also excited to discover the Transjurassienne, french trial cross-country skiing. This is also the second longest race of the world behind the Swedish Vasaloppet.
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