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« 24 heures VTT de la Birse (27-28.06) - 2015

Date (vcal): 28.06.15  
Place: Reconvilier (BE)
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Type: MTB XC Endurance 24h  
Registration: closed
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Chaque année, l’épreuve se déroule le dernier week-end de juin du samedi 12h au dimanche 12h (exceptionnellement en 2017 l'épreuve aura lieu les 10 et 11 juin), sur les hauteurs du magnifique site de Reconvilier, village situé dans le Jura bernois et plus précisément dans la vallée de Tavannes.

La course principale se passe sur 24 heures, seul ou par équipe de 2 à 6, sur un parcours alternant chemins blancs, pâturages et portions asphaltées, formant une boucle d’environ 5.5 kilomètres, à parcourir le plus grand nombre de fois possible.

Une course pour les plus jeunes, d'une durée de 2 heures pour les 7 à 9 ans et de 4 heures pour les 10 à 13 ans se déroulera quant à elle sur une boucle d'environ 1 km sans aucune difficulté majeure. Un classement sera établi pour chacune des catégories.

Cet événement fera la part belle tant aux sportifs confirmés en quête d'exploit et visant la tête du classement, qu'aux amateurs souhaitant passer un moment convivial entre amis tout en se baignant dans l'ambiance si particulière et festive des courses 24 heures.

Possibilité de se restaurer et de dormir sur place, en dortoirs, camping ou en camping car selon choix de chacun, douches à disposition.



2018 is coming to an end soon! The entire MSO team takes this opportunity to wish you all a sweet and sparkling holiday season. As usual, in 2018, our company wanted to pamper athletes and organizers through new services. This is how our passive timekeeping system, composed of RFID "Joey" and "Mano" antennas, was born. Released straight from the imagination of our engineers and specialists, it was designed entirely in our company. Thanks to this innovation, there is no need for chrono specialists; the volunteers can manage themselves the stream of runners at intermediate points. Another innovation of 2018: we are equipped with a media and communication service, in order to give more visibility to the events of which we are partners.

In the coming year, you are promised to give everything. Our showcase website, mso4you, will be released, just like our new platform, which will undoubtedly make you happy. Until then, we wish you a year rich in strength, courage and sharing, but still punctuated by a few drops of sweat. We also send you a storm of thanks for the trust given in 2018 and we look forward to seeing you in 2019, in the same state of mind!


Timmy ? What is that ? Timmy is the new timing application for smartphone developed by MSO-Chrono.

You want to compare your Sunday training with your friends, but also with the best runner of your region? You want to show people the new record you broke on your smartwatch ? Races full of people aren’t your cup of tea ? We have the solution: Timmy. The application has been launched on the 10th June 2017 for the « Kilomètre vertical de Fully ». From now on, you can use it each time you do the crazy climb. Once set off, the system will save your timing and you can choose to publish the result or not in the rankings. At every attempts, only your best performance will be recorded, there are even great prizes to be win for the faster ones !

So, captivated ? Do not hesitate to start the adventure at Fully. Starting August, you will be able to save your records for another races. Maybe your favorite race… Who know ?

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