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« A Travers Aigle - 2021

Date (vcal): 11.09.21  
Place: Aigle (VD)
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Type: Running  
Registration: closed
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Registrations are closed

Parcours n°1 - 9.1 km 
Parcours n°2 - Nordic Walking                                       
Parcours n°3 - 4.5 km
Parcours n°4 - 1.7 km
Parcours n°5 - 960 m                                                                                            






Dear organizers

Do you know how your athletes feel before, during and after their race?
Have you ever supported your partner, your children or your friends in preparing for a competition?
Have you been there during training, registered the athlete yourself, accompanied him/her from the camper to the start, supported him/her on the course and celebrated together at the finish line?

Are you looking for a company that has sport in its DNA? That knows what it means to organize a running event, a MTB competition or a ski race in high alpine terrain? That lives and passes on the excitement, sensations, and emotions?

We’ve got your back !

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