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Bienvenido a la plataforma MSO CHRONO. En un esfuerzo continuo para optimizar el éxito de su registro, MSO actualiza constantemente su plataforma. Encuentre los detalles de los últimos cambios en la pestaña Novedades en el apartado de ayuda. Nuestra asistencia y preguntas frecuentes (F.A.Q.) también están disponibles. Gracias y buena visita! Para buscar todas las carreras del 2020, haga clic en 2020 en el menú de arriba a la derecha.


The sporting events in our catalog are severely affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19). MSO management nevertheless supports the measures of the Swiss Federal Council and the authorities responsible for this matter. We hold ourself in solidarity with the organizers of those fantastic events and we dkeep in touch with them every day in order to find the best solutions to offer you in these very dire times.

Athlets Informations :

According to general conditions of the cancellation insurance (GCC), registration fees are not covered if the event is being canceled.

After the announcement of the cancellation of an event, the organizers take a few days / weeks to determine the possible right to refund linked to registrations already paid. In case of refund, here is generally the process:

  • If MSO has to make the refund service for the concern event, MSO will inform you by email of the refundt conditions.
  • If the organizer produces the refund service themself, they will keep you informed.

Globaly, all information can be found on the website of the corresponding organizer.
For the good of public health, to stem this crisis as quickly as possible and regain the pleasures and the emotion which sport and its events bring us, we recommend that you scrupulously respect the guidelines of the FOPH:

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  • Carreras  
11.09.21La Roche (FR)
11.09.21Montsevelier (JU)Cycling
12.09.21Delémont (JU)Triathlon
12.09.21Tramelan (BE/JB)MTB XC (cross country)
12.09.21Chavannes-de-Bogis (VD)Running
15.09.21Montsevelier (JU)Running
16.09.21Le Sentier (VD)Running
18.09.21Chandolin (VS)mountain running
18.09.21Champéry (VS)Trail
19.09.21Vallorbe (VD)
25.09.21Les Diablerets (VD)Trail
25.09.21Crans-Montana (VS)Trail
26.09.21Fully (VS)mountain running
26.09.21Hauterive (NE)MTB XC (cross country)
26.09.21Malleray (BE)Running
26.09.21Yverdon-les-Bains (VD)Running
02.10.21Bure (JU)
02.10.21Moutier (JU)Running
03.10.21Bure (JU)
03.10.21Gland (VD)Running
09.10.21Gland (VD)Cyclo-Cross
09.10.21Saint-Maurice (VS)Trail
09.10.21Tramelan (BE)Trail
10.10.21Le Sentier (VD)Trail
30.10.21Chailly-sur-Montreux (VD)Cyclo-Cross
30.10.21 - 31.10.21Fontenais (JU)Trail
07.11.21Rennaz (VD)Cyclo-Cross
07.11.21Hauterive (NE)Running
13.11.21Saxon (VS)Running
13.11.21Buttes (NE)Cyclo-Cross
20.11.21Saillon (VS)Running
20.11.21Payerne (VD)Cyclo-Cross
27.11.21La Neuveville (BE)Running
27.11.21Cossonay (VD)Cyclo-Cross
04.12.21Porrentruy (JU)Cyclo-Cross
25.04.22 - 01.05.22Verbier
07.05.22Moutier (JU)Running
03.06.22 - 05.06.22Couvet (NE)Trail



Dear organizers

Do you know how your athletes feel before, during and after their race?
Have you ever supported your partner, your children or your friends in preparing for a competition?
Have you been there during training, registered the athlete yourself, accompanied him/her from the camper to the start, supported him/her on the course and celebrated together at the finish line?

Are you looking for a company that has sport in its DNA? That knows what it means to organize a running event, a MTB competition or a ski race in high alpine terrain? That lives and passes on the excitement, sensations, and emotions?

We’ve got your back !

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