A history.. A challenge..

60 kilometers and more than 3,000 meters of vertical drop? That’s a challenge not easy to take up! If you are ready, the Valais district of Saint-Maurice and its "Challenges of the Jubilee" will welcome you with open arms. Exit the timing and set to a 100% personal challenge!


The celebration of the 1,500th of the Abbey of Saint-Maurice is not over! Initially planned for ten years until 2015, the Challenges of the Jubilee continue to heat your legs! But what is this famous challenge? Well, you have to link all the villages of the district of Saint-Maurice with an incursion in the communes of Trient, Martigny-Combe, and Martigny, and this on 60km and more than 3'000 meters of positive drop.

Note that the challenge is adjustable since there is a beautiful alternative of 19km for 1'000 of positive drop as well as a walker course of 8.2km. It is even possible to appreciate this latter in relay, in teams of three. It's never too late to set goals for you! Start on the Jubilee Challenges, online registration is open until 11:59, 11 October.

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